What is the Future of the Oil-free Air Compressor Market?

This may or may not surprise you. The oil-free air compressor market is growing faster than the oil-flooded market. There is a simple reason behind this: industries need a steady supply of clean, pure air. That is most easily achieved using an oil-free compressor system.

The question is why are oil-free compressor systems better at supplying clean, pure air, and what industries are using oil-free compressors? Let us take a look!

How Do Oil-Free Compressors Provide Clean, Pure Air

Oil-free compressors house absolutely no oil in the compression chamber of the compressor system. This is how the likelihood of air impurities is significantly decreased. No oil means low chance of contamination.

The reason this is necessary for certain industries is that mineral oil can pose a threat to people’s health. In fact, medical compressor systems must be NFPA99 certified. The National Fire Protection Association distinguishes what an appropriate medical compressor system looks like.

Other industries like food and beverage must also eliminate the risk of contamination when producing products or when producing clean air. Therefore, oil-free compressors are becoming more in-demand.

An increase in the need for food production, medical supplies, and clean air for hospitals and other facilities means that oil-free compressors are being bought up at an increased degree.

Industries Using Oil-Free Compressors

As mentioned before, the medical industry and the food and beverage industry are snapping up oil-free compressors like nobody’s business. However, there are a few other industries that use oil-free compressors to decrease the risk of oil contamination.

Oil and gas, manufacturing, textile, and electronic industries also use oil-free compressors to decrease the risk of oil contamination. While oil-free compressors are not mandatory in all industries, oil-contamination can be costly and halt production when it becomes a problem.

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