The Importance of Oil-Free Air Compressors in the Electronics Industry

There are two broad types of air compressor types: oil-based and oil-less. While each have their fair share of pros and cons and their viable end uses in a variety of different industries and factory settings, oil-free air compressors are becoming increasingly important throughout the world. These types of compressors are trending upwards largely because of their benefits over oil-based compressors. For instance, not only are these types of air compressors much more environmentally friendly compared to oil-based compressors, but they’re also generally more affordable to maintain and require less overall maintenance over time.

Oil-free air compressors are also poised to become a major player in the electronics industry, as electronics developers look to capitalize on the benefits of oil-free compressors in creating better overall electronics products to continue to move this product sector forward. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why more and more consumers are preferring oil-free air compressors and why the electronics industry in particular stands to benefit from this class of equipment. Here’s a closer look:

Key Benefits of Oil-Free Air Compressors

Like we noted in the opening, oil-free air compressors are generally more affordable to maintain  and require less overall maintenance in the long-term. But to truly understand why these air compressors continue to increase in popularity, it’s worth digging a little bit deeper into more of their benefits. Here’s a closer look at some of the key advantages to this type of air compressor:

Lower Overall Cost of Ownership

As the name implies, oil-based air compressors require oil to properly operate. And as is the case with any device that requires oil to operate, oil-based air compressors require regular maintenance and routine oil changes to ensure that they work up to their full potential. In addition to purchasing oil and ensuring that changes are routinely taking place, you also need a place to dispose of used oil. This creates more than just maintenance, but added cost and obstacles that users have to figure out in order to own an oil-based air compressor. For instance, there are contamination threats from oil. And while these types of air compressors still have their place in various settings, oil-free air compressors require less maintenance and attention. They also often cost less over the duration of ownership. This can all help reduce a facility’s overhead expenses and pass this cost savings onto its customers.

Oil-Free Air Compressors and Electronics

You can gather why oil-free air compressors are in significant demand based on the benefits that we’ve outlined in this post. From pharmaceuticals to food to textiles to dry cleaning, these types of air compressors have their place in a variety of different markets and settings. And one industry that cannot be overlooked is that of electronics. Because printed circuit boards require clean, compressed air to create products of this level of fragility, the risk of contamination by using oil-based compressors tends to be too great. It’s a big part of why the electronics industry is continually moving toward oil-free compressors to create its products.

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