Techman Robot: Getting College Students Ready for the Workforce

Recently, JHFOSTER helped a Midwestern university to educate STEM students with the help of Techman Robots.

Techman Robots help students learn alongside technology that they may see or use in their future careers. As robots begin to help more and more companies increase efficiency and reliability, more staff are having to become accustomed to working with their new robot co-workers.

By allowing college students to have hands-on experience before ever leaving their alma mater, the emerging workforce is becoming more and more capable of working with new technologies.

2F-140 Adaptive Gripper on TM Collaborative Robot

The Benefits of Techman Robots

Why are universities choosing to teach with Techman Robots rather than other collaborative robots? There’s a few reasons, but the main encompassing reason is because Techman Robots are so intuitive and simple to operate. With built-in vision and simple programming, they are the perfect entry-level cobot to learn with.

Other key benefits of learning with Techman Robots include:

  • Safety Features Protect Students: When the robot collides with an object or person, it will immediately stop any actions to prevent doing harm. TM is also an ISO certified robot meaning that the robot is certified to work alongside students.
  • Ease of Programming: TMflow is an innovative flow-based robot editing software. You complete any industrial program in simple actions, just click and drag without any coding experience. Programming only requires a keyboard, mouse, and a laptop.
  • TM Has a Minimal Footprint: Techman Robots take up very little space which works well for smaller classrooms.
  • TM is Strong: Techman Robots has a payload of up to 30 lbs. This is a bit more than many other cobots on the market today.
  • Easy Movement: TM robots are flexible and easy to move. Students are able to move and adjust the robot using one or two hands.
  • Techman is Affordable: The price point for a brand new Techman Robot is much less than that of other cobots on the market. This makes it a perfect robot for universities on a budget.
TM Robot is the only robot with a built in vision system

How Did JHFOSTER Help a Midwestern University?

JHFOSTER supplied Iowa State University with four Techman Robots that allowed students to gain experience moving, programming, applying and deploying cobots. Students were able to “teach” the cobots to pick and place objects after they were programmed to sense and move said object.

Students now are prepared to program robots in their future careers or work alongside them as a techy coworker.

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