How To Reduce Production Costs with Electrical Control Panels

Electrical Panels Improve Efficiency

Electrical control panels are one way to help you change from inefficient processes to more efficient ones. As a result, this saves money for your business.

Industrial control panels continue to improve with easier processing, quality materials and accurate machining. Further, benefits of automating tasks include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Ensure safety
  • Improved effiency and reliability
  • Reduced labor costs, breakdowns and waste

JHFOSTER designs and installs electrical control panels perfect for your business. Also, our team of engineers are ready to help create and build your automation project. We focus on quality assembly. In addition, we test every panel we build for the best results. JHFOSTER designs custom and UL-rated cabinets. Further, we have another building for our robotics team and panel shop.

Next, learn more on how we increased a customer’s production and lowered costs by adding a control panel.


An agricultural customer was looking for ways to better efficiency.  Also, the customer was looking for cost savings in grain storage and seed treatment supply. Their tasks included collecting and storing soybeans in grain bins. Then, these were put onto trucks for delivery to customers. In short, workers were spending too much time moving from room to room pushing a button to gather the grain to be sold. Similarly, workers were also operating the scales, legs and conveyor belts that moved the grain to the trucks. Overall, this was not efficient and costing the company time and money.


JHFOSTER designed an electrical control panel for the customer. This solution gave out the right amount of grain coming out of the bin. Even more, the panel also controlled the conveyor belts and gate that loaded the product. As a result, JHFOSTER’s electrical control panel helped the customer with:

  • Time spent on tasks
  • Efficiency
  • Less waste
  • Cost reduction
  • More accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Safety of workers

After using the panels, the company decided to use more of them in other areas of the plant. Even more, they will be moving to touch screen panels soon.

JHFOSTER’s goal of providing the newest and greatest products continues. Also, JHFOSTER now has a range of robotics. Further, our team is ready to help your company with your robotic needs.  Please contact us at 651.452.8452 or email us to learn more about this or any of our products.