How To Use Robots For Vision Guided Box Packing

A robot with a vision system can do just about anything. In fact, robots are used for pick and place, injection molding, CNC, packaging and palletizing, quality inspection, assembly, polishing, machine tending, screw driving, lab analysis and testing, gluing, dispensing, and welding. The reason robots are used so prevalently in these applications is due to their ability to overcome challenges that humans cannot.


Product packing is one such application where robots are uniquely skilled at completing for companies. Robots like Kawasaki are able to consistently fill boxes with products. They fulfill repetitive motions that can cause harm and injury to humans. Even more, they fill labor gaps caused by various economic changes and employment characteristics.

Inhuman Advantages

Kawasaki robots recently helped a company with a packing application. The company has recently begun their automation journey and decided that robotic automation would be perfect for their packing needs.

The Kawasaki robot along with a simple, compact conveyor and frame system created a mobile and movable system perfect for a growing company.

The company ultimately chose Kawasaki for the robots’ reach, payload and speed. The application looks a little something like this. Food product comes down a conveyor while a camera photographs the angle and position of the product. This information is then relayed to the robots.

The robots then use their vision system to identify and pick up product. This system uses two robots, meaning each robot picks up 50% of the product. However, for an application like this, you could use more than or less than two robots depending on your needs!

This type of system can also be used for packing applications other than food product.

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