How Do Electrical Panels Increase Production?

How Does Automating with Electrical Control Panels Benefit My Company?

With all the automation tools currently available today, there is still a lot of time spent performing tasks manually. Furthermore, organizations miss opportunities to automate business processes that can save their employees’ time and boost productivity. JHFOSTER assists you in automating with electrical control panels. The automation process includes the latest in electrical design, data collection, PLC, pneumatic, and electromechanical technologies that consistently deliver high-quality performance. In short, automating these tasks delivers safety and reliability.

Our electrical engineering team partners with customers to build cost-effective solutions that meet technical specifications and business objectives.

We assisted a local canning company in increasing their production and reducing overall costs. Overall, we helped them implement a can sorting machine system.

Benefits with automating with electrical control panels.


A local manufacturing facility looked for ways to increase output of their canning production. They ran into difficulties sorting out the defective cans from their overall marketable product. All the cans eventually ended up together on a pallet. Then, agency temp workers manually sorted through the cans depending on date and imperfect product. As a result, the workers were only able to get through half a pallet a day. This slowed down production rates and costed money to resolve. The temp jobs also had a very high turnover costing additional time and money to the Company’s bottom line.


JHFOSTER teamed up with the manufacturing company and designed a can sorting machine, featuring technologies such as:

  • A vision system
  • PLC
  • DC Drive
  • AC Drive
  • Blowoff


JHFOSTER can assist you in optimizing your control panel design. In turn, you will end up simplifying your job and benefit from cost savings solutions and a higher return on investment. What would these cost savings solutions mean for your business?

  • Lowering running costs
  • Hiring less temps
  • Avoiding wasting product
  • Receiving higher efficiency
  • Producing more, faster
  • Better quality, precision and accuracy
  • Quality Control


engineering icon for automating with electrical control panels

Concept-to-completion electrical design; PLC, HMI, SCADA development. Our engineers have extensive experience in applying the right technologies to solve the toughest automation problems. In addition, we are skilled in PLC programming, SCADA/ HMI development, custom software development, information systems, safety systems, and control panel engineering.


Programming, system integration, testing and database development. IT is integrated into our design, allowing us to provide you with the benefits of a modern control system. We specialize in the following areas: secure industrial network architecture, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), relational databases, barcode/RFID data collection, data historians, data visualization, and reporting.


Control panel installation, power wiring, control system wiring, instrument installation, NEC, field checkout of PLC systems. We provide you with custom designed solutions from PLC and IO panels to higher voltage switchgear, MCC, and drive panels. Our systems fit your unique needs while meeting NEC and UL requirements.


Our experienced services team will get you up and running quickly and hassle-free. Whether onsite or remote, our commissioning crew will work with your schedule. Even more, JHFOSTER ensures to you a a safe, efficient, and timely startup of your system.


The dedicated project management team at JHFOSTER is skilled in monitoring and controlling all aspects of a technical project. In addition, we make sure projects are completed on time, within scope, and budget.


Our commitment to the customer experience is demonstrated through easy access to service and solutions. JHFOSTER offers phone troubleshooting, as well as, service on-site. Customers receive professional, above and beyond, efficient and customized support when they need it.

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