Fieldbus Technology: Simplifying Your Automation Tasks

Fieldbus technology combines your valve stacks.

In fact, Fieldbuses are able to connect multiple valve stacks onto one ethernet cable. This means you don’t need to have each of your valve stacks connected individually to a PLC. In fact, each valve stack connects to the main Fieldbus which connects straight into your Ethernet, then onto the PLC.

What Industries Can Use This Technology?

Anyone who uses pneumatics in an automation process is a great candidate to use a Fieldbus. In order to truly determine if a Fieldbus is the right fit for your company, you will need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Benefits To Using A Fieldbus

  • Wiring is much simpler and easy as all valve wiring goes straight to the Fieldbus.
  • You can connect a variety of products to a Fieldbus. There is no need to use products from one single manufacturer for a simple connection.
  • Finally, Fieldbuses support many protocols.
G3 Fieldbus Training

Cost To Using One

  • Fieldbuses are not necessarily defined as traditionally cheap equipment. Generally, you will want to decide if it is more cost-effective to have someone manually wiring valves or to use a Fieldbus. If you are paying someone several hours of labor, a Fieldbus is likely a better fit.
  • Training may be necessary to use the Fieldbus hardware.

In addition to the information listed above, you may find more advantages and disadvantages in this video.

Emerson’s ASCO Numatics G3 Fieldbus Leads The Pack

Emerson’s ASCO Numatics G3 Fieldbus leads the pack with an innovative graphic display that can be used for not only commissioning but visual status and diagnostics.

Commissioning Capabilities and Visual Diagnostics include:

  1. Set Network Address
  2. Baud Rate
  3. Set Auto or Manual I/O Sizes
  4. Fault/Idle Output States
  5. Set Factory Defaults
  6. Shorted and open load detection
  7. Shorted sensor/cable detection
  8. Low & missing power detection
  9. Missing module detection
  10. Selt-test activation
  11. Log of network errors
  12. Distribution errors

Supported Protocols:

  1. DeviceNet
  2. EtherNet/IP
  4. CANopen
  5. ControlNet
  7. DeviceNet with Quick Connect
  8. Ethernet POWERLINK
  9. EtherCAT
  10. EtherNet/IP DLR
  11. DeviceNet with DeviceLogix

Distribution Benefits:

  1. Up to 1200 Input/1200 Output capability per node
  2. 32 valve solenoid per manifold
  3. One node support 16 I/O modules
  4. Centralized or distributed applications use the same modules
  5. Distribution options include inputs or outputs, inputs and outputs, valves with inputs and outputs, valves with inputs or outputs, and valves only
Emerson's Asco Numatics G2 Fieldbus

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