Compressed Air Repair

JHFOSTER can repair your Compressed Air System.

Don’t become a victim of costly downtime. Let JHFOSTER help you repair your system. JHFOSTER has a 7 Step Repair Process to ensure your system functions at highest quality.

  • Step One: Reception of repair and logged into system. We take in the parts you need to be repaired, and enter them into our system. Once this is done, parts are photographed. 
  • Step TwoTechnician assignment and report generated. Then, a technician is assigned to your repair. Next, we generate a report including the products and parts needed for repair and an approximation of repair time.
  • Step Three: Customer approval. Once the comprehensive analysis is finished, we contact you by email or phone call. At this point, you may approve our repair analysis.
  • Step Four: Cleaning and disassemblement. Next, we disassemble your part and clean it by hand to ensure quality.   
  • Step Five: Repair. Damaged and faulty parts are replaced. Secondly, the unit is put back together. 
  • Step Six: Testing & Quality Inspection. At this point, we perform extensive testing of the part. We generate lab reports from this. Then, any and all technicians who have worked on the part approve the reports. Moreover, the part is then inspected for quality. If needed, we repaint the part. 
  • Step Seven: Shipment. Lastly, JHFOSTER sends parts back to you. Now, the parts are ready to be installed or stored in your inventory.
The 7 Steps to JHFOSTER Repair Process Infographic

What Does Compressed Air Repair & Service Include?

Besides the 7 Step JHFOSTER Repair Process, JHFOSTER offers remote and onsite service. We are dedicated to fast and efficient service and decreasing your downtime is our priority. To learn more about our Repair Services, read the sections below.

In-House Support

Our in-house support provides you service when you need it most for your compressed air system. Quality work is our middle name. JHFOSTER product specialists are certified in the most relevant and innovative technology. 

Would you rather have us come to you? Our specialists can come out to your location to service your machine. Just call the number below!

To reach our In-house Support, simply call us at 800.582.5162 or email. A specialist will be with you shortly.

24-7 Emergency Service

JHFOSTER offers 24-hour Emergency Service on compressed air systems. If you are in a state of emergency outside of our normal business hours, dial our main number at 800.582.5162 and follow the prompts to reach our on-call technician. 

Even more, we offer maintenance checklists for your systems. This ensures that you know when your system needs a check-up. To learn more, take a look at our resource library

Frequently Asked Compressed Air Repair Questions

What advantages come with having a Maintenance Agreement with JHFOSTER?

JHFOSTER will work with your company to schedule our maintenance visits to work with your production schedule.

Warranty requirements – JHFOSTER knows you want to take advantage of the warranty your new equipment has. The extended warranty requirements involve keeping up with all of the maintenance per factory recommendations.

Predictive repairs – Our technicians inspect and test your compressed air equipment while we are on site to make sure it is operating properly. Increasing the reliability of the compressed air system to prevent costly downtime and added expenses.

Reduced labor rate – Our Maintenance Agreement customers receive a reduced labor rate for any service work that is not covered under the agreement on the same equipment.

Preferred Status – We will schedule our next available technician should you experience any compressed air system shutdowns.

What if my Compressed Air System isn’t a brand JHFOSTER provides?

We are a complete compressed air system service provider. We are ready to service, maintain and source most brands and types of compressed air equipment. In fact, our team of specialists provide new system designs and retrofit existing systems. Check out this article to see the difference we have made for other companies!

Where can I rent Compressed Air equipment?

JHFOSTER has several compressors and dryers ready for rent. JHFOSTER has electric vacuum pumps and industrial air compressor rentals to provide temporary air while your industrial compressed air systems are being serviced.

I work at a hospital, and we can only hire certified 6040 technicians. Is this an option at JHFOSTER?

We have technicians that are ASSE 6040 certified. Call us at 800.582.5162 for more details on how JHFOSTER could help you.

Find more information on our JHFOSTER Repair Flyer. If you’d prefer to contact us directly, call us at 800.582.5162 or email.