Centralized Compressor Control Systems Save Energy

The Department of Energy estimates that compressor air generation consumes 10% of electrical energy use in the US. Furthermore, 70% of all manufacturing facilities use compressed air in some aspect of their manufacturing. These facts highlight the reason why companies with compressed air systems are investigating the potential for energy savings.

You may be analyzing many areas within your compressed air or vacuum systems for energy savings. However, centralized compressor control systems for multiple compressor installations provide a great opportunity for significant savings.

The Impact of Centralized Compressor Control Systems

Energy savings of 30% can occur on multiple compressor systems that currently don’t have some form of centralized control systems. Energy savings of 10-15% can occur even with multiple compressor systems using the cascading pressure band system. This is, after all, the most common control scheme.

Control panels address this issue. Using control panels as a compressor control system eliminates many of the issues that currently exist with compressor control systems offered by manufacturers.

Advantages of Flo-Trol:

There are many advantages to using control panels to decrease energy consumption. These include:

  • Non-proprietary, using off the shelf components
  • Controls and monitors all types and brands of air compressors and vacuum pumps
  • Eliminates the need to designate a lead compressor or establish a cascading pressure band system

Compressor Control Systems Customization

Today, Plant Managers are looking to not only control their systems but are looking for data. This data includes energy, pressure, temperatures, dew point and flow measurements. Even more, this information helps maintain the quality and lower the costs of systems.

In many cases, managers incorporate this data into their building management systems and format it for internal and external use. Our designs of control panels are designed for customization to any level of sophistication required. We realize that individual requirements vary tremendously, and we commit ourselves to provide whatever expertise is required.

JHFOSTER Can Support You

Over the last 15 years and 200 installations, control panels have become a very powerful control and monitoring system. Our electrical automation department has applied the knowledge gained through their experience to create customized designs for your environment.

JHFOSTER utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and software, such as touch screens, to provide our customers with all benefits this technology offers. In addition, JHFOSTER often integrates with Building Management Systems. We have extensive experience with Local Area Network technologies, such as Ethernet.

Would you like further information regarding control panels and how we can assess your Company’s potential energy-saving opportunities? If so, please contact us by phone or email.

Adapted From 2009 Satellite Newsletter Written By Ron Nordby