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The Evolution of Automated Bowl Feeders

As trends in the consumer market have changed, so have the automated technologies used in manufacturing facilities. Due to current preferences in the consumer market, which demand high-quality, customized products available at a low cost and in the shortest time possible, manufacturers are using smart and flexible automated production equipment to produce their goods. However, […]

Automated Label Inspection Aligns with Industry 4.0 Initiatives

While many manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0 initiatives in their processes, most have been slow to adopt advanced technologies in their label inspection operations. But, to fully reap the benefits Industry 4.0 has to offer, label inspection should also be automated with Industry 4.0-friendly technologies. However, until recently, a reliable, user-friendly label inspection system was […]

6 Benefits of Pick and Place Robots in Medical Manufacturing

Due to increasing market demand and strict governmental regulations, medical device manufacturers must maximize throughput while producing products with strict consistency in a contamination-free, sterile environment. For these reasons, pick-and-place robots present an ideal solution for material handling, assembly and other operations in this unique industry. The Unique Needs of Medical Device Manufacturing Like most […]

10 Impactful Benefits of Proper Safety Guarding

Industrial facilities are active places and host a variety of risks – from slips and falls to hazardous chemical use and storage to traveling forklifts to machinery with moving parts – that can injure or potentially kill employees. Accidents caused by these and other dangers can not only incapacitate workers, but they can also result […]

Reap the Benefits of Asset Monitoring with a Simplified Solution

Smart manufacturers know that monitoring plant assets is essential to maximizing productivity, minimizing downtime and optimizing equipment usage. Fortunately, current solutions drastically reduce the time and effort needed to conduct effective asset monitoring, making the benefits easily accessible to manufacturers big and small. This blog will highlight the advantages of asset monitoring, discuss use cases […]

Automated Machine Tending Improves Medical Manufacturing

While all manufacturers need to improve efficiency and cut costs to remain competitive, the stakes are higher for medical manufacturers as they also need to maintain tighter manufacturing tolerances and adhere to stricter regulations regarding sterility, safety and consistency. Automated machine tending can help medical manufacturers tick all the necessary boxes while also boosting speed […]

Human Machine Collaboration Optimizes Productivity

If you’ve ever asked Siri for the weather, ordered vitamins through Alexa or turned on the lights at home via your smartphone, you’ve collaborated with a smart machine to complete a task in the most efficient manner. Similarly, human machine collaboration is making possible a new era in the manufacturing industry where there are more […]

Choosing the Right Actuator Type for Your Application

pneumatic actuators at packexpo

Sometimes the choice between the three main actuator types – electric, pneumatic and hydraulic – is a no brainer. For example, if you need heavy-duty motion, a hydraulic actuator would be the obvious choice, a potentially explosive environment necessitates the use of a pneumatic actuator and a sterile operation would demand an electric actuator. But […]

The Rise of Electric Actuators

Electric Actuator

Traditionally electric actuators were not the device of choice for heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment and other systems that demanded motion profiles with high forces and extreme robustness. However, reduced costs for these electric devices combined with recent technological advances are making designers reconsider electric actuators for use in these and other applications, giving rise to […]

Automated Inspection Systems Reliably Catch Packaging Defects 

In the highly competitive packaging industry, damaged or defective packages can be a major drain on a packager’s profits and can result in lost customers. While there are any number of potential packaging defects, today’s automated inspection systems can help identify and prevent these problems, helping to ensure an error-free and more profitable packaging operation.  […]