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Choosing the Right Actuator Type for Your Application

pneumatic actuators at packexpo

Sometimes the choice between the three main actuator types – electric, pneumatic and hydraulic – is a no brainer. For example, if you need heavy-duty motion, a hydraulic actuator would be the obvious choice, a potentially explosive environment necessitates the use of a pneumatic actuator and a sterile operation would demand an electric actuator. But […]

The Rise of Electric Actuators

Electric Actuator

Traditionally electric actuators were not the device of choice for heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment and other systems that demanded motion profiles with high forces and extreme robustness. However, reduced costs for these electric devices combined with recent technological advances are making designers reconsider electric actuators for use in these and other applications, giving rise to […]

Automated Inspection Systems Reliably Catch Packaging Defects 

In the highly competitive packaging industry, damaged or defective packages can be a major drain on a packager’s profits and can result in lost customers. While there are any number of potential packaging defects, today’s automated inspection systems can help identify and prevent these problems, helping to ensure an error-free and more profitable packaging operation.  […]

Troubleshooting Industrial Control Panels

Resolving Four Common Malfunctions in Industrial Control Panels  Control panels vary by application, but they should always possess protective devices (circuit breakers and/or fuses), disconnecting switches, means for locking-out power sources, and means for safely bleeding stored energy.  Typically, they also contain transformers, AC-DC power converters, motor starters, variable frequency drives (VFDs), servo motor drives, […]

What Can Machine Tending Robots Do?

Machine tending tasks can be repetitive, boring and dangerous work for humans, which makes machine tending a great candidate for automation. But what is a machine tending robot and what can it actually do in an industrial setting? This blog will explain the basics. What is Robotic Machine Tending? Machine tending, by definition, is the […]

Understanding Your Pneumatic System Components 

Compressor and Dryer in Room

Industry relies heavily upon pneumatic systems to power tools, automated equipment and machines throughout the plant, so having a basic understanding of the components and working principle can go a long way toward maintaining efficient operation of these advantageous systems.  Simply put, pneumatic systems provide an uncomplicated, economical and reliable way to make things move. […]

The Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding of Medical Devices 

Plastics have transformed the medical industry as they help reduce the spread of infection, stand up to sterilization procedures and help reduce the cost of medical devices and procedures for patients. Likewise, plastic injection molding is revolutionizing the manufacture of medical devices, such as implants, lab equipment, surgical instruments, orthopedics, tubing and catheters, disposable syringes […]

How to Determine the Cost of a Robotic Palletizer 

Lifting and stacking heavy cases, boxes, sacks or other containers onto pallets is backbreaking, labor-intensive work for the employees charged with industrial palletizing. Not only is the task difficult on the human body, but it must be accomplished in a safe, efficient and consistent manner that prevents damage to the products, which is no easy […]

Pneumatic Systems: 101 

Pneumatic System Components

Chances are if you work in an industrial facility, you’ve handled tools and equipment that are powered by a pneumatic system. These simple, yet powerful systems use clean, dry compressed air to create mechanical motion that powers tools, machinery and industrial automation systems. Learning about the components involved in a pneumatic system and how they […]

Photoelectric Optical Sensors Boost Quality and Efficiency 

Industrial sensors serve as the eyes and ears of industrial processes and, as manufacturers continue to add automation in an effort to increase efficiency and quality, the use of sensors is expected to grow. Photoelectric optical sensors, especially, are quickly becoming a favored device as they provide many advantages and execute multiple tasks in harsh […]