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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Air Compressor

Service technician working on industrial air compressor

Your compressed air system may very well be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment operating daily in your facility. As such, it’s important to perform regular maintenance and cleaning of your air compressor. If you neglect your equipment, you may very well end up paying for expensive repairs down the road. It can […]

The Usual Suspects in Electric Actuator Failure

From manufacturing machinery and agricultural equipment to electric cars and robots, the electric actuator drives the modern world – literally and figuratively. This reliance is not likely to change any time soon. It means that a deeper understanding of the workings of electric actuators will become increasingly necessary. In developing this deeper understanding, learning about […]

Why You Need an Air Energy Audit on Your Compressed Air System

Compressed air systems consume a surprising amount of energy. In fact, compressed air systems consume 10 to 15 percent of a company’s total energy bill on average. According to Quincy Compressor, “One horsepower of compressed air requires eight horsepower of electricity. With many air compressors running at efficiencies as low as 10%, there’s often plenty […]

How to Properly Care for Your Air Compressor

Repairmen working on compressed air system

Properly maintaining your industrial air compressor will provide you with many benefits. Not only will proper maintenance improve the longevity of your compressed air system overall, but proper care can help you identify system problems far before they cause major damage to other system parts. Furthermore, proper maintenance can prevent costly downtime. The key benefits […]

Why and How To Perform A Vacuum Audit

Manometer on vacuum system

Vacuum holds material in place, gathers up solids and liquids, provides transport, and keeps chambers and enclosures free from gases that would affect process performance. It’s essential in many production operations and a system that’s performing badly will impact costs and quality. Regular vacuum audits provide insight into how a system is running and identify […]

Winterizing An Air Compressor

If you live in an area that’s susceptible to cold, winter weather, then you already know that you need to take preventative measures to ensure certain systems and components don’t freeze or incur damage from dropping temperatures.  If you manage a warehouse, machine shop or auto repair business where you rely on air compressors to […]

What Voids the Warranty of Industrial Air Compressors

Maintenance worker tending to equipment

Industrial compressors can be warriors in the workplace. From manufacturing to medical and petroleum to food packaging, compressors, pumps and vacuums perform a myriad of tasks, frequently with a minimum of maintenance. Well-maintained industrial compressors can last ten, fifteen, twenty years or more. This makes their purchase relatively infrequent. Even companies with multiple compressors may […]

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Compressed Air Systems


Compressed air is an important component in the transfer of energy for use in industrial process. When designed properly, a compressed air system can reduce energy consumption dramatically, often resulting in energy saving of 10% or more. A poorly designed system, however, can lead to unnecessary downtime, loss of productivity, out-of-budget maintenance and repair costs, […]

How Compressed Air Systems Evolved in the Last 20 Years

Pressure gauge air compressor

Compressed air systems are not a recent innovation. Society has utilized compressed air for centuries, from the foot-operated bellows used in metalworking in the 1500s to the vacuum pumps inventions for blast furnaces in 1650 and the first compressor plant built in 1888. The need for compressed air systems has evolved and changed to accommodate […]

What Is a Pressure Drop and How Do You Prevent It?

Compressor Air Gauge

Whether you’re running a small business or are in charge of a large industrial environment, air compressors of all types definitely have a place in your environment. A lot of organizations actually use air compressors as something of an energy source, using them to power both critical equipment and tools in a reliable and efficient […]