Category: Motion Control

Proper Mounting Helps Prevent Gearbox Failure

Essential to providing speed and torque control to the motors of almost all industrial machinery, gearboxes can be found in applications ranging from machine tools to conveyor belts to industrial robots to heavy-duty mining equipment. Because they are durable mechanical devices designed to withstand the high temperatures, pressures and extreme conditions found in industrial environments, […]

Safety-Integrated Motion Control Allows Safety and Productivity to Co-Exist

Ultimately, the objective of any manufacturing operation is to produce product. Accordingly, corporate goals often focus on efficiency, quality and productivity. While some companies view safety as a necessary evil or, worse, a costly drain on productivity, top-tier manufacturers rank safety as a priority and embed it deeply into the culture of the company. Furthering […]

A Brief Guide to Electric Actuators

One major component that makes automation possible is electric actuators. These mechanical devices convert electricity into kinetic energy using either rotary or linear motion. Electric actuators work like other types of actuators. The only difference is that it uses electricity as its input. Electricity powers a motor, triggering specific components into motion. The final output […]

IIoT and Smart Manufacturing

Imagine a world where alerts are sent to your phone if a technology within your manufacturing plant malfunctions or requires repair. In this world, systems within your plant could also switch between manufacturing one product to another quickly and seamlessly. Different automation systems talk to each other and coordinate effectively. It sounds almost futuristic, but […]

Benefits of Using Motion Automation for Stone Fabrication

With labor shortages possibly sticking around for years, many industries now turn to automation to answer labor scarcity and costly human errors. Motion automation is one of the technologies many enterprises are embracing. Motion automation or motion control is considered a subfield of automation that involves moving individual parts of a specific machine in an […]