Digital display with direct measured value output in mm/cm or %. IO-Link interface for support of the new industry standard. Numeric configuration of the sensor using digital display permits complete advance configuration of the sensor. Automatic synchronisation and multiplex operation for simultaneous operation of up to ten Sensors in close quarters. UL Listed to Canadian and US safety. 1 Push-Pull switching output pnp or npn basis. 1or 2 switching outputs in pnp or npn variants. Analogue output 4–20 mA and 0–10 V with automatic switching between current and voltage outputs. Analogue output plus 1 pnp switching output. 5 detection ranges with a measurement range of 30 mm to 8 m. Microsonic Teach-in by using button T1 and T2. 0.025 mm to 2.4 mm resolution. Temperature compensation. 9–30 V operating voltage. LinkControl for configuration of sensors from a PC.