The MICO Classic is the original product in a now mature family of electronic circuit protection devices from Murr. Instead of one-time fuses or application-specific breakers, the MICO is electronically protecting your 24V circuits – more reliably and smarter than traditional protection. Taking up to 40A of 24VDC power and distributing it across multiple channels, each channel is selectable in its current protection. When a fault occurs, only the faulted channel is isolated, keeping power on the other channels. During this time, a contact is closed to provide an output stating that a fault has occurred. Another set of contacts can be used to attempt to reset the channel if the fault has been cleared.

All devices are UL Listed as protective devices, and units with selections under 4A are rated as NEC Class 2, meaning any standard power supply can become a Class 2 circuit when used with the MICO.