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A&RS services any need within the controls industry. The A&RS Electrical Panel Shop is a UL 508A certified electrical panel builder with staff to custom-build control panels for any industry. We offer several panel solutions from designing, building, and installing electrical systems to building clients’ custom engineering systems. We offer fast competitive quoting, professional and accurate work, and great vendor relationships to reduce lead times and ensure a smooth installation. Our 9,000-square-foot Electrical shop within our 30,000-square-foot facility can handle everything from large-scale projects to weekly production.


  • Process Instrumentation Design
  • Electrical Schematic Design
  • Panel Built from Schematics
  • Panel Writing, Design, Layout
  • Cabinet Wiring
  • Cable Assembles
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Enclosures Modifications
  • Process Automation Development
    • Functional Process Description Development
    • Automation Sequence of Operations
  • Automation & System Control
    • Continuous Process
    • Batch Process
  • Robotic Automation
  • Machine Automation
    • Machine Cell Automation
    • Assembly Line & System Automation
  • UL 508A Certified
  • Install

The type of solutions you can expect from A&RS:


This begins with measuring the back plate and marking the location of holes to be cut or drilled and tapped for wire duct, din rail, and major components that bolt directly to the back plate.  Holes are drilled and tapped, and the back plate is de-burred to ensure that metal filings from the process that could fall into electrical components are eliminated.


Extra attention is taken to ensure that the parts provided match the specifications called out on the bill of material (e.g. amp ratings, horsepower, make, and model).  All components are carefully unpackaged and mounted on the din rail according to the exact locations of the layout print.  Every component is labeled with terminal markers and device tags to uniquely identify each item and for ease of wiring when troubleshooting in the field.  


Using the most current electrical schematics available, each wire is cut to length, labeled with source and destination or wire number and ferruled.  All terminations are done with great attention to detail.  Wire labels are placed facing outward, so they are easy to read.  Labels are placed in a uniform manner so that the panel is not only electrically functional but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Every panel that is made at A&RS is thoroughly checked for accuracy.  Every wire termination is checked for the correct placement as well as positive contact with conductive surfaces.  Whenever possible, panels are powered up and a live verification of function is made.  If an entire machine is present, the unit is functionality tested.  All of the unit’s functions are run through for a one-hour time frame for verification.  Finally, a copy of the electrical schematic, any component paperwork, and a copy of the inspection sheet are placed inside the enclosure.


Steps are taken to ensure the safety of sensitive components. Panels are placed on appropriately sized pallets or secured within a crate for transport.  The panels are then shipped via the customer’s desired method or, with our truck, we can deliver locally. When it comes to choosing the best panel solution for you, there’s a lot to consider. Call 515.218.1029 to talk with a product specialist or Contact Us.

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