JHFoster Attended Xcel Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge – 2019

At John Henry Foster, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and services available and a lot of times that starts internally – with our very own employees continuing education. Matt Vermedahl (account manager), Steve Cherney and Taylor Young (both capital sales support specialists) attended Xcel Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge: Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems technical training last week.

“The focus was on saving energy in compressed air systems. We learned different ways to help reduce our customer’s energy costs. We worked on formulas for determining their annual system energy costs, which would help show the customer how much they could potentially save,” explained Cherney.

The technical training was a way for attendees to get hands-on guidance on how to calculate compressed air system’s energy costs, learn about ways to improve compressed air system efficiency and reliability and see how others are achieving 15-25% cost savings through more effective production and use of compressed air.

I highly recommend attending in the future, it was very informative. There are several ways to save on energy costs, from appropriate air use, quantifying air leaks in the system, air receiver options & the type of air compressor(s) in their system and not everyone is always aware of these savings,” concludes Cherney.

John Henry Foster has been named one of Xcel Energy’s Top Trade Partners based on yearly energy saving projects completed and achieving notable energy efficiency gains for our customers over the past year.  Calculate the CFM of your air system here. If you are curious to learn more about your own energy efficiency study or how you might be able to earn rebates, contact JHFoster today.

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