Why Should You Focus on Your ISO Specs?

Depending on what your industry’s objective is, it’s important to apply an ISO spec to your facility. ISO (International Standards Organization) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards. The standard consists of nine separate parts relating to the quality (or purity) of compressed air. In 1991, ISO established the 8573 compressed air quality standard to facilitate compressed air system component selection, design and measurement. It specifies the amount of contamination allowed in each cubic meter of compressed air.


Ensuring you have the proper compressed air equipment is necessary. Contaminants can get involved at any time and you could be expending too much clean air (creating unnecessary expenses and maintenance) or you could be missing out on supplying enough pure air (presenting potential safety risks and product quality issues).

The quality of air required throughout a typical compressed air system can vary

The ISO 8573 Air Quality standard serves the industry well by raising end-user awareness of how to measure and define the quality of compressed air.  It will continue to benefit you by defining air quality levels and methods to determine contaminants present in your air system. Along the same lines, the ISO 12500 test standards will benefit air treatment manufacturers by providing the means to commercially separate filter products through certifiable performance.

Each compressed air classification can be achieved by installing a specific selection of ISO certified products depending upon the required performance. We all benefit, appreciating that ISO continues to refine its standards for the betterment of the compressed air industry and private sector. Are you using the most cost-effective system for your industry that meets ISO standards?

What is the Harm in Having “Too Clean” Air?

Being in the compressed air industry for nearly 80 years, we have found that some businesses might not need the type of compressed air equipment they are currently utilizing. Perhaps the compressor units are what they’ve always used in the past and they are in fact producing cleaner air than what is required. Utilizing the wrong compressed air equipment can do more harm and create:

•   A Bigger Expense: The cleaner your air needs to be, the more expensive the equipment
•   Keeping up with more features and parts: This will require additional costs and maintenance
•   More time required: Additional maintenance and time is needed to change filters, desiccant, etc.

What is the Harm in Having Not Enough Clean Air?

High-quality compressed air is critical for the medical industry as well as industries providing food products that are not only cost effective to process but also safe to eat. Therefore, it’s in all our best interest for food processors, medical industries, etc. to select the proper compressed air equipment. The wrong equipment could result in:

•   Product Quality Issues: Products and end users are at risk if machines aren’t up to standards
•   Potential Safety Incidents: Contaminants like water, oil and particulates can enter food creating safety concerns
•   Poor Quality Finishes: Contaminants can effect product end results by mixing with applications. (example: oil from an air compressor drips on paint and product doesn’t dry effectively)

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