A Robot that’s Food Industry Specialized

Robots are quickly moving into the food industry. In fact, research predicts the market for robotics in the food and beverage industry will experience a 29% compound annual growth rate from 2015 through 2019.

If you’re in the food industry, you know that manually stepping in during production can compromise performance. This is one reason robots are earning the spotlight. Especially since there are rules and regulations to follow to ensure clean and contamination-free standards are being met.

John Henry Foster continues to grow their robotic line and have partnered with Staubli. Stäubli’s specialized Food Industry Specific robots meet a wide range of food solutions: from upstream process to palletization, through packing and packaging. Products designed meet all requirements of Machine Directive 1935.2004 and its hygiene component EN 1672-2.







Designed to handle extreme environments, Stäubli manufactures a specialized robot for food processing. The robots are fast, easy to install and use. The arms, with stainless steel IP67 wrists and minimum retention, are completely sealed. They are resistant to chemicals and cleaning fluids, and deliver an easy clean up.

Some Food Applications the Staubli Robot Supports:

  • Curd Slicing
  • Sausage Packing
  • Grated cheese bag packing
  • Doypack sachet packaging
  • Ultrasonic cheese slicing
  • Cheese portion multiplexing
  • Palletizing

Download more info on the Food Industry Specific Stäubli Robots.

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