AFD415 p.261 - Auto feed drill - pneumatic drive / feed

Air control valves are at the center of any pneumatic system. In order to ensure the most efficiency within your pneumatic system and ensure little risk of costly downtime, you have to sure that your pneumatic valves can hold up against the demands that the system places upon it. Pneumatic valves control the direction and rate of flow of air in your system. If the valve you are using ends up being too large for your system, you will end up with a lot of wasted air which equals wasted money. If your valves are too small, the pneumatic actuator will be unable to do its job.

Some valves control the air pressure within your application while other valves can assist in changing the stroke speed of other components within your system. Other valves can simply stop the movement of the working parts within your application when necessary. No system is the same, and this is why no pneumatic valve is quite the same. It should be your priority to ensure that proper configuration and proper care is taken to maintaining your valves within the larger system. After all, if one piece of the puzzle is missing, the puzzle itself will never be fully complete. Without a properly functioning pneumatic valve, your system will not be truly efficient.