G-H Nopak Inc. 9701153 Hydraulic Cylinder

Actuators (pneumatic cylinders) are used to create linear or rotary motion within your pneumatic automation application. Actuators are the most cost-effective solution to creating this motion. The force necessary to create this motion is derived through compressed air or gas. The reason these actuators and other pneumatic parts are preferred by top engineers is because of the cost effectiveness, cleanliness, and quietness of the applications. They are simply easier to use and handle.

As an actuator, cylinders (also called pneumatic actuators) are specific to the application in which they are used. Often you will find that different applications require different actuators with varying sizes, shapes, and types including single acting and double acting cylinders. This is due to the strength and the speed necessary for operating the application.

Not only are these actuators necessary in general pneumatic automation applications, they are an integral part of use in a robotic arm. Actuators are highly efficient, safe and reliable sources of motion generation. They are utilized in conveying, clamping, part transferring, positioning and more. They can be found in applications that need accuracy when clamping or positioning parts and tooling.  To find out more about our pneumatic products, follow the link here. To view our robotic technologies, you can find those here.