Introducing Intelligent Actuator America, Inc. (IAI) TTA Series

JHF has expanded its existing IAI product line to now include the TTA Series.  This Series offers improved tabletop robot for cell production applications.

Key features of the TTA Series include:

  • Significantly higher payload and maximum speed
  • Stores much more programs and positions
  • Three times as many I/O points as conventional models
  • More variations
  • Greater bending rigidity is achieved by integrating the structure of the Y-axis base with the mounting bracket
  • Labyrinth structure to suppress intrusion of foreign matter into X-axis

IAI has become a standard in cost effective, low maintenance, and fully programmable electric cylinders and ROBO Cylinder™ actuators. Our team of experts are positioned to support your productivity and efficiency needs with this innovative product and can determine how best to fill your automation needs.

Please contact Jeremiah Bender at (651) 681-5753 or via email at if you have any questions or would like further information regarding the TTA Series or any of the IAI products we carry.


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