Find out how to receive one of the Fastest Paybacks in the Industry

With robotic automation products, you can benefit from these key cost saving features;

  • Top Quality – High quality products provide consistency and precision allowing significant savings
  • Avoid Waste – Applications are performed with exact accuracy, saving valuable materials
  • Space Efficiency – Industrial robots have compact bases built to fit in confined spaces saving valuable floor space
  • Production – Increase profits by reducing production time
  • Labor-Cost – Repetitive tasks can be given to robots making manufacturing more efficient and cost-effective
  • Safe – Robots provide safe work environments along with fewer mistakes

Over the last 50 years the cost of labor in manufacturing has risen steadily, and the willingness of many people to perform highly repetitive tasks on assembly lines has decreased. Over the same period the equivalent hourly cost of robot labor has steadily declined. One thing that’s not often discussed with collaborative robots is their ability to provide quicker return on investment (ROI) than their heavier, more dangerous industrial counterparts. Universal Robots’ robotic arms, for example, can have a payback period of only 6 months. Collaborative robots are traditionally cheaper than industrial robots, and can still provide a much faster ROI when accounting for this fact.

Universal Robots gives you all the advantages of advanced robotic automation, with none of the traditional added costs associated with robot programming, set-up, and dedicated, shielded work cells. Finally, robotic automation is affordable for small and medium sized enterprises.

This E-Book will help you increase your production while keeping the impact on your costs as low as possible. The main challenge for manufacturing plants and industries can be summarized by the desire to increase production output while maintaining costs as low as possible. As a manufacturing manager or engineer, this concept is probably part of every work conversation you have.

How can you do this? What are the typical techniques used to accomplish this? Where should you focus first? Download your copy of this E-Book today to find out!

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JHF distributes a number of robotic lines to help you leverage your production costs and streamline your automation applications. Our ROI calculator can show the potential cost savings impact of incorporating a robot verses manual labor during the course of a project. Calculate your savings now or learn more on ways to increase production output while maintaining costs as low as possible. Our team of experts are positioned to support your productivity and efficiency needs with this versatile product.  Please contact us today at 651.452.8452 or email us to learn more about this or any of our product offerings.

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