Process Safety in Industrial Manufacturing

Process safety is the top priority for every industrial manufacturer.

Without safety measures in place, many industrial applications run the risk of pinch or amputation to the machine operators’ extremities. OSHA and ANSI B11 define machine safety standards to protect machine installers and operators from harm.

The CSV series is a two-hand anti-tie-down pneumatic control valve developed to provide safer operation in industrial applications by restricting operator hand position during machine operations, with OSHA standard 1910.217 in mind. With a CSV properly installed, both of the operator’s hands must be actuating two separate push-buttons at the same time for valve actuation, positioning them away from any dangerous pinch points or other extreme risk areas within the machine operation. With 11 different models, Bimba | Mead has a model to suit any application, from wash-down environment to low-stress requirements.  The Low-Stress (LS) model requires as little as 6oz of force for actuation, easing stress on the operator’s upper body to greatly reduce risk of repetitive motion disorders.


Potential Applications:

  • Air presses
  • Drill fixtures
  • Clamping fixtures
  • Light assembly equipment


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