Air Compressor Repair and Service

JHF has 24-Hour Emergency Service in order to minimize unexpected and costly downtime.  We dispatch highly trained technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays for air compressor repair. The 24-hour emergency service can be reached through our main numbers: 651.452.8452 or 800.582.5162.

The technicians are available by phone to troubleshoot, as well as service on-site.  Parts are also available after hours.Repair-Service-website

If you don’t have an emergency, but would like a technician to repair your compressed air system, our team of experts are available for service and maintenance on most brands and parts in the greater five-state area including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

When scheduling your air compressor repair call, our inside team of Service Advisors assess what parts may be needed. They will gather your location information and pair you with one of our first available Mobile Service Technicians or a local service technician in an attempt to obtain a one-trip service call, which translates into a timely, cost-effective service call.

In addition to offering 24-hour emergency air compressor repair and service, John Henry Foster provides three maintenance assurance plans so you can focus on your business, not your equipment. We also have an energy efficiency program since compressed air equipment is one of the largest and most frequent opportunities for energy reduction.

For more information on air compressor repair and service, contact us by phone at 800.452.845, or request more information.

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