Industrial Air Compressor & Vacuum Pump Lubricants

Genuine Lubricants

JHF provides genuine air compressor lubricants that maintain or extend the life of your warranty specific for our leading manufacturers and their brands of air compressors and vacuum pumps.lubricants

By using only genuine lubricants, you can be assured your consumables are manufactured to the same quality standards as the brand of compressor. They are designed to keep your compressor or vacuum pump running at peak performance and have been proven to provide the best protection of your investment. Maintain of extend the life of your warranty by using only genuine lubricants.

At JHF we provide genuine lubricants for Quincy Compressors, Gardner Denver, I/R (Cameron) Centrifugal and CompAir to name a few. In addition to genuine lubricants, John Henry Foster also has a vast inventory of air compressor units, parts and accessories for most brands of compressed air equipment in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin and also provides maintenance and service on most brands and parts of compressed air equipment.

Aftermarket Lubricants

Aftermarket lubricants are specially formulated and manufactured to improve compressor efficiency and reliability, and are compatible with all types and brands of compressors. Aftermarket lubricants and air compressor parts are lab and field tested in thousands of compressed air systems with millions of hours of successful operation.

Proper fluids and air compressor parts are crucial in maintaining the performance and efficiency of your air compressor. Without the correct fluids, parts and regular maintenance, your compressor can lose life expectancy. We, at John Henry Foster, want to provide you with the tools and information necessary to ensure your air compressors are getting the attention they need to perform at full capacity.

To receive more information about either genuine or aftermarket lubricants, please call 800.582.5162 or email

QuinSyn® XP (Warranty) – Part Number 142784

A custom-blended polyol ester (POE) long life synthetic fluid. It is ideal for rotary screw air compressor applications where fluid is exposed to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time and is especially advantageous in high temperature applications.

QUINSYN® F (Warranty) - Part Number 110756

QuinSyn® F – A custom-blended food-grade polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon fluid with improved lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduced volatility and compatibility with mineral oils and equipment designed for use with mineral oils. QuinSyn® F is USDA authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Its life expectancy is 6,000 hours under normal operating conditions.

QUINSYN® PLUS (Warranty) - Part Number 144046

QuinSyn® Plus – A next generation custom-blended polyalphaolefin PAO/polyol ester (POE) synthetic hydrocarbon fluid. QuinSyn® Plus has been improved with more forgiveness in higher temperature applications, longer life in harsh plant environments, and better resistance to forming sludge or varnish in the compressor. QuinSyn® Plus life expectancy under normal operating conditions is 8,000 to 10,000 hours.

QUINSYN® PG (Warranty) - Part Number 143808

QuinSyn® PG – A custom-blended polyalkalene glycol (PAG/ester) fluid offering improved lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduced volatility and a high viscosity index – plus excellent corrosion protection. QuinSyn® PG will not leave behind carbon residue and varnish when it oxidizes and is ideal for hot and humid environments or in applications prone to varnish build up.

QUINSYN® EDGE (Aftermarket) - Part Number 146073

QuinSyn® Edge – A PAO/POE synthetic blend fluid that is ideal for demanding applications such as high temperatures and harsh plant environments. It is a relative of the popular QuinSyn Plus factory fluid and will achieve 8,000 hours of life expectancy under those tough applications.

QUINSYN® ENDURA (Aftermarket) - Part Number 146074

QuinSyn® Endura – A POE synthetic fluid that is engineered for the most demanding of applications where severe temperature extremes are commonplace and maintenance intervals are extended. It is a relative of the popular QuinSyn XP factory fluid and has a life expectancy of 10,000 hours. It can be used in high pressure applications, in addition to severe duty sites.

QUINSYN® PRIME (Aftermarket) - Part Number 146075

QuinSyn® Prime – A PAG fluid that is an ideal fluid for hot/humid applications and as a direct replacement for other PAG fluids without a flush being required. It is a close relative of the QuinSyn PG factory fluid and has a rated life of 8,000 hours.

AEON 4000 - (Warranty) - Rotary Screw

• Extended life lubricant; demulsible formulation
• Minimizes maintenance and downtime
• Characteristics of a synthetic in a petroleum blend

Life tests indicate a service interval up to three times longer than that of comparable petroleum based lubricants, depending on individual compressor characteristics and ambient conditions.

AEON 6000FG - (Warranty) - Rotary Screw

• Food grade extended life lubricant
• Minimizes maintenance and downtime
• Improved lubrication at high and low temperatures

AEON 6000 Food Grade is a PAO (polyaphaolefin) blend, authorized by the USDA as an H-1 approved lubricant for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. It complies with FDA 21CFR 178.3570—lubricants for incidental food contact.

AEON 9000SP - (Warranty) - Rotary Screw

• Superior Protection synthetic lubricant
• Increased machine operating efficiencies
• Formulated for excellent condensate oil/water separation

AEON 9000SP is ideal for applications which require extended operating intervals. It is formulated for demulsibility and optimum viscosity over the compressors entire operating temperature range.

AEON 9000TH - (Warranty) - Rotary Screw

• Exceptional thermal stability
• Completely demulsible
• Long life at high temperature

AEON 9000TH is an extended life lubricant for rotary screw compressors with oil injection operating under harsh service conditions with high compressor temperatures. It is ideal for rotary screw air compressor applications where oil is exposed to high operating temperatures needed to prevent condensation in high humidity applications. This lubricant may not be appropriate in applications with low ambient temperatures.

AEON CL - (Aftermarket) - Rotary Screw

AEON CL is a PAO (polyalphaolefin)/Diester synthetic blend tested and proven to provide optimum operating and service-life results. AEON CL combines the elements of synthetic and restructured hydrocarbon oil. AEON CL is a unique additive package designed to provide oxidative stability and viscosity stability.

8,000 hour PAO synthetic lubricant
Contains antiwear additive
High flash point improves safety margin
Rust and corrosion inhibited

AEON PG (Aftermarket) - Rotary Screw

AEON PG is a custom-blended polyalkalene glycol (PAG)/ester rotary screw lubricant. AEON PG's formulation offers lubrication at high and low temperature applications and corrosion protection. AEON PG is formulated to minimize carbon buildup.

Extended service life to 8,000 hours
Free oil analysis program
Will not leave behind caron residue/varnish when it oxidizes
Completely demulsible
Rust and corrosion inhibited

Hydrovane CS-300

CS300 is a diester based lubricant, the standard lubricant in hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors, except the RS compressor at 150 psi units. CS300 offers superior condensate separation and performs over a wide temperature range.

Hydrovane CSS-30

CSS-30 is a food grade lubricant specifically formulated to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of rotary vane compressors. CSS-30 is non-toxic and suitable for use in food processing facilities.

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