Condensate Drains

John Henry Foster offers the following three “time proven” drains to handle all your system requirements: Drain-All, Water Hog and Nano Timer Drain. We specialize in complete compressed air, vacuum system, fluid cooling, piping design, operation and installation in MN, ND, SD, IA, and Western WI.

Key Benefits of Zero Air-Loss Condensate Drains

  • Saves energy (no air consumption)
  • Very resistant to clogging
  • Removes risk of condensate carry-over
  • Automatically adjusts to condensate levels
  • Long service intervals with safe, easy maintenance

Where there is compressed air, there is water. Condensation is the moisture that drops out of an air flow as it cools and is therefore a constant threat to cause expensive problems in a compressed air system. Condensate drain systems are necessary to keep water, dirt, wear particles, bacteria out of your system. The problems get worse if you operate lubricated reciprocating or oil flooded rotary screw compressors – which is just about everyone. Compressor oil makes its way into the distribution system with the compressed air. The mixture of oil, water, and dirt tends to build up a sludge that will ultimately jam or clog production equipment, air tools and drains. Zero air loss drains often qualify for energy efficiency rebates so call us today for more information on your condensate drains at  800.582.5162 or email us.


The workhorse of our drain offerings featuring a pneumatically operated “zero air loss” design along with heavy duty components for systems requiring the highest level of reliability.
Model# DH50-OLAAA


This “Little Brother” of the Drain-All features the pneumatically operated “zero air loss” design, but on a smaller scale for systems up to 100 hp.
Model# LH50-OLAAW


This economical drain features adjustable on/off timing along with a built-in strainer and shut-off valve, 115 volt with 6’ cord.
Model# NPTD-12115B

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