Staubli robots can be used for many tasks and industries. This grey Staubli robot pictured above is being used in the food industry to pick and place food products.

Robotic Integration

John Henry Foster robotic integration creates a specialized and efficient system for your company. Integration ensures that your current system fits with the new applications. Therefore, your systems will run reliably with true efficiency to increase manufacturing. 

Also, our experienced engineers prepare solutions to meet or exceed your specified business requirements. Next, these solutions are integrated with many pieces and systems to operate as one unified system.Through many projects, they have experience putting together unique systems tailored to your company. 

To receive more information about how integration is involved in robotic projects, please call John Henry Foster at 800.582.5162 or e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About JHFoster's Robotic Integration Services

Why is integration important for my robotics system?

Your robotic solution requires programming, adjusting, and other detailed configurations. This ensures that the system can meet your business needs and function with the most effectiveness possible. Also, with so many working parts, integration ensures that your systems talk seamlessly together. 

What takes place during robotic integration?

Our engineers evaluate your current system. After that, they design a space where your new solution will integrate with that current system. Next, engineers test the design to be sure that the systems seamlessly work together. 

How do I know if a robotic system is right for my company?

Often customers are concerned about the ROI that robotic systems can provide for their company. As a result, John Henry Foster created an ROI calculator.  Also, you may wish to talk to our Robotics Team.  Someone will call you to discuss possible solutions to your existing problem.