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Industrial Robots and Accessories

Our vast line of industrial robots and accessories specialize in reducing engineering time for custom tooling, design and programming.

First, we identify what your application needs are and analyze your parts, process, and facilities. Then, we provide you with the best industrial robots and accessories for your goals. Accessories are specifically chosen for the most flexibility, durability and ease of use for your robotic projects. These accessories are designed to give you the most productivity, quality and consistency.

Our vast line of robotic accessories specializes in reducing engineering time for custom tooling, design and programming. We listed our most popular robotic accessories in one of our blog posts. A lot of the same hardware can be reused from one project to the next. Also, most of the hardware adapts on the fly when production changes.

Visit our extensive line of industrial robotic accessories, call JHFoster at 800.582.5162 or email one of our experts so we can walk you through which is the best robotic accessory for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About JHFoster's Industrial Robots and Accessories
What are the different types of robots, which one do I choose, and how do I know if a robot would be right for my application?

JHFoster distributes a wide selection of 1-6 axis robots (Linear, Scara, Traditional, Collaborative and more) that are easy to program, some operational in under a day, and require minimal coding all designed to help you achieve as much long-term value as possible.
To help decide which robot is right for your operations, evaluate which processes in your manufacturing environment you want to target for a robotic application, be specific about the problem you want to solve and consider all of the cost reductions a robot can provide: minimizing waste, creating efficiencies, increasing production volume, improving safety or reducing labor costs. These cost reductions can serve as the basis for your ROI criteria and will often be important factors in determining if a robot is right for your designated application.

What are the cost benefits?

Robots have the ability to streamline the entire process leading to higher productivity and quality, thus improving business operations along with a quick ROI.
Key cost saving features include;
1. Top Quality – High quality products provide consistency and precision allowing significant savings
2. Avoid Waste – Applications are performed with exact accuracy, saving valuable materials
3. Space Efficiency – Industrial robots have compact bases built to fit in confined spaces saving valuable floor space
4. Production – Increase profits by reducing production time
5. Labor-Cost – Repetitive tasks can be given to robots making manufacturing more efficient and cost-effective
6. Safe – Robots provide safe work environments along with fewer mistakes
Our ROI calculator shows the potentially dramatic impact in cost savings of leveraging a robot versus manual labor over the lifetime of a project.

Are they safe?

Robots are generally used to perform unsafe, hazardous, highly repetitive, and unpleasant tasks. Not only are robots proving to be safer in avoiding injuries to humans and causing fewer mistakes, they are fitted with some of the best safety technology the world has to offer.
Some key safety features include;
1. Safety Zones – They operate in reduced mode when a human enters the robot’s work cell
2. Variable Speeds – The 6-axis robot can run at full speed inside a work zone and at reduced speed when outside a zone
3. Safety Functions – Eight safety functions are monitored by the patented safety system and can only be changed in a password-protected area of the software