John Henry Foster, Minnesota (JHF) helps manufacturers throughout the upper Midwest meet their “green” initiatives by reducing their carbon footprint while optimizing production efficiency. JHF achieves this by providing education about the latest compressed air technologies and practices, and by installing energy efficient compression and air treatment equipment.

Prominent among JHF’s energy-conscious, air treatment solutions is the HeatSink™ True-Cycling refrigerated dryer, manufactured by ZEKS™ Compressed Air Solutions. A pioneer of green technology since 1959, ZEKS invented the first cycling refrigerated air dryer to help companies reduce the energy waste associated with typical compressed air treatment equipment. HeatSink’s cycling operation enables the dryer to match energy consumption to the compressed air load through thermal energy storage and by turning on/off the dryer refrigeration system. Energy matching saves operating costs by reducing electrical power consumption.

Additional savings are realized from: the refrigeration compressor’s increased operating efficiency; automatic compensation for daily and seasonal variations in ambient air temperature; and the capability of smoothly ramping down to zero air load. Through a digital performance controller, refrigeration on/off setpoints can be easily adjusted to suit individual application requirements.

To illustrate the savings afforded by cycling operation, consider a 800 SCFM HeatSink™ dryer in a 100 psig air system operating at an average reduced load of 650 SCFM. This average figure takes into account a peak demand of 800 SCFM, but also recognizes reduced loads associated with varying usage as well as work loads on second and third shifts. When compared to a non-cycling dryer, which will run continuously regardless of load, the HeatSink True-Cycling design will save the user up to $4,180 annually, based on $.10/kWh and 5,824 hours of operation.

Pressure drop is also a significant factor in the operating cost of air systems. Every pound of increased pressure drop adds 0.5% to the cost of operating the compressor. HeatSink dryers are designed to minimize the contribution of pressure drop on the compressed air system. For this example, the 800 SCFM model’s 2.9 psi pressure drop, when compared to the 5 psi pressure drop of typical dryers, results in significant energy savings. Based on $.10/kWh and the system averaging 650 SCFM @ 5,824 hours per year, an additional $905 will be saved annually. Because of ZEKS’ unique heat exchanger design, inlet filtration is not required for most system conditions, further reducing the dryer’s contribution to system pressure drop and to the operating cost of the air compressor – another green benefit.

Through JHF, compressed air users have access to the entire ZEKS HeatSink refrigerated dryer line, available in capacities from 10-19,200 SCFM. The price of a HeatSink dryer is quickly offset by the significant energy savings derived from True-Cycling performance, which year after year continues to deliver reduced operating costs and green benefits. The ZEKS dryer is complemented by a line of zero air-loss drains, which eliminate energy waste and condensate management products that keep oily condensate from entering the eco-system.

Providing innovative compressed air solutions for more than 70 years, John Henry Foster, Minnesota is committed to helping manufacturers achieve their production goals while contributing toward a better environment.

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