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In today’s competitive global economy, reliability and efficiency are not only expected, but demanded. Companies are continually searching for higher quality and lower overall cost alternatives that will allow them to successfully compete in a world-wide market. These market forces are the primary drivers in the increased application of oil-free compressed air systems due to the high demand for clean, dry compressed air. This is applicable not only in general industrial applications, but also in traditionally clean industries such as medical, electronics, food and beverage, semi-conductor and packaging. Companies are looking at oil-free compressed air systems as a way to achieve a reduction in operating costs and to eliminate contamination risks and minimize their environmental footprint.

Benefits of Oil-Free Air:

  • Maintenance and Energy Savings – Oil-free compressors are designed to last, featuring robust components and simple construction, making them easier to maintain and operate. Oil-free compressors can also be speed regulated so you only consume the energy you need, when you need it, offering excellent energy performance.
  • Increased Sustainability – Lubricated air compressors by their very nature consume large quantities of lubricant, oil filters and oil separators which need to be handled and disposed of properly. Oil-less compressors completely eliminate this problem thereby reducing maintenance and inventory costs, as well as minimizing a company’s environmental footprint.
  • Contamination Prevention – Utilizing oil-free compressors virtually eliminates the possibility of product contamination from oil carryover in the compressed air. Oil contamination in compressed air is a major reason for product waste, rework, recall and quality control issues affecting production.
  • Air Quality Requirements – Requirements vary by industrial application, but the most stringent standards apply to manufacturers whose end products, packaging, or critical instrumentation comes in direct contact with compressed air. Oil-free air can successfully meet and exceed these requirements.

At John Henry Foster, we have over 75 years of experience providing compressed air system design and automation. We distribute industrial oil-free and oil-less air compressors and provide air compressor maintenance and compressor parts on most brands and parts of compressed air systems throughout the greater five-state area including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and northern Iowa. Our goal continues to be our dedication to serving clients with the latest in cutting-edge products and technology. We provide customized quality solutions in consistency, reliability and profitability and are uniquely qualified to help ensure that your equipment is running at peak performance resulting in exceptional value to impact your bottom line.

For more information on how oil-free capabilities might benefit you or for more information regarding any of our products or services, please contact us at (800) 582-5162 or visit our website at www.jhfoster.com.



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