The Effectiveness of Nitrogen Generators

Used in a wide variety of manufacturing, processing, laboratory, food and industrial applications for the medical field, nitrogen generators are exceedingly important due to the stable and non-reactive properties in nitrogen. Extremely effective in minimizing oxidation and eliminating harmful water vapor, nitrogen gas assists in improving manufacturing and testing processes, reducing product spoilage and increasing throughput when utilized throughout a diverse number of fields.

Generating nitrogen for manufacturing and industrial processes using a nitrogen generator has become best practice. By substituting out-of-date bottled or liquified nitrogen systems, nitrogen production cost savings can be significant.


As a distributor of nitrogen generators, John Henry Foster of Eagan, Minnesota, can help you with all your generator and air compressor needs in the greater five-state area including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. We distribute the following three major brands of nitrogen generators:

  • Generon
    • Membrane Generators
    • PSA Nitrogen Generators
  • TN2
    • Membrane Generators
  • Nano
    • PSA Nitrogen Generators

Focusing on all aspects of your nitrogen generator needs, John Henry Foster experts will provide the proper generator for your company based on design and top operation of energy efficiency based on your requests. For more details and ordering information for John Henry Foster air compressors and nitrogen generators, contact us by phone 800.582.5162 or request more information.

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