New Compressed Air Pipe System Results in Lower Costs and Bigger Savings

by Tom Didier

Compressed air piping systems are essential to deliver compressed air, a utility that about 90 percent of commercial industrial facilities consider essential for production.  To be cost effective, compressed air needs to be delivered with enough volume, appropriate quality and pressure to properly power the components that demand the air.  Unfortunately, a poorly designed compressed air system can increase energy costs, promote equipment failure, reduce production efficiencies and increase maintenance requirements.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that John Henry Foster (JHF), one of the largest compressed air system distributors in the Upper Midwest, has a solution – one that is quick to install, energy efficient and provides long-term savings: Transair.  And, JHF, which provides complete compressed air, vacuum system and fluid cooling piping along with air system assessments, is the regional distributor of Transair piping systems (

Transair’s innovative technology enables quick and easy assembly and connection ready for immediate pressurization.  The aluminum system provides airtight fittings with “full-bore” flow, creating a more energy efficient operation.  Components are removable and interchangeable, and allow immediate and easy layout modifications thus reducing production downtime.  Unlike the performance of black iron pipe, which degrades over time with corrosion, aluminum piping delivers air quality that is clean with optimum flow rate performance.

Quick assembly

Transair’s aluminum and stainless steel pipe systems are seemingly effortless to assemble and modify.  The piping is easier to lift and handle than standard steel or copper piping, and its push-to-connect and easily-coupled fittings secure connections.  The fittings eliminate the need for skilled pipe fitters, special tools, pipe preparation and threading. The piping system also eliminates the time needed for soldering and glue drying.  And once the pipe is coupled with the fitting, the connection is secure and ready to be pressurized.  Lastly, various technologies now consider the specific requirements of each diameter of pipe, providing optimum safety and easy connection.

The system also offers a simpler means of adding new drop or bypass onto an existing length of pipe, which is an important consideration for any air piping system.  The quick assembly brackets are designed for this purpose so there is no need to cut the pipe.  A swan’s neck built into the brackets retains condensate water in the main line.  Because of its small size, the quick assembly bracket facilitates new additions in the tightest places and can be used for connecting horizontal branch lines and vertical drops.  JHF installs these piping systems or because they are quick and easy to install, customers can install them.

Durable Equipment, Clean air Quality

The aluminum and stainless steel piping systems have an absence of corrosion (self protection by formation of aluminum oxide). The inner pipe surface consistently delivers clean compressed air, inert gas and chilled water.  The piping system also protects industrial equipment against water deterioration thanks to its assembly brackets with integral upward loop.

TransAir also prevents problems caused by rust, which affects black iron systems.  Due to consistent clean air and water, the production equipment lasts longer and avoids frequent changes of filtration elements.

Optimum efficiency of machinery and tools

The full-bore design of Transair’s components with low friction of the aluminum pipe and stainless steel and sealing characteristics, enable optimal and constant flow throughout.  Also the piping system results in better performance due to improved flow and reduced pressure drop.  TransAir is available in the following sizes: 16.5mm, 25mm, 40mm, 63mm, 76mm & 100mm.

Overall savings

Perhaps the most attractive measure of Transair’s piping system is the overall savings it provides.  Efficient installation, maintenance and operations, and reduction of installation, operating and commissioning costs all add up to significant savings.

Typically, any additional money spent improving a compressed air piping system will pay for itself many times over.  TransAir piping system is no exception, offering sound solutions for all compressed air, liquid and inert gas applications.


Thomas J. Didier
Manager of Field Services and JHF Mobile Service Center
John Henry Foster Minnesota

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