Now that you’ve invested in an air compressor, you’re going to have to learn how to keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently.

The first and smartest strategy for reducing costly downtime is performing regularly scheduled maintenance on air compressors and related equipment, as well as using the correct lubricants and parts.

Did you know that The Department of Energy has estimated that 10% of all electrical energy use in the United States is consumed in the generation of compressed air? This has added significance since 70% of all manufacturing facilities utilize compressed air in some aspect of their manufacturing process.

We offer several options to maintain your compressed air system:

  1. You can perform your own maintenance by following our series of compressor maintenance checklists.
  2. You can call our team of inside service coordinators (800.582.5162) or email them and they can help answer your compressed air systems questions and concerns. They will even send a service technician out to you if you need assistance.
  3. You can call our Air Systems Applications Specialist, Tom Didier, who will explain our three Maintenance Assurance Plans available and how they are set up to keep you focused on your business,not equipment and maintenance.
  4. You can schedule a Compressed Air Service, Maintenance and Parts Training Seminar with our Air Systems Applications Specialist. Tom holds a few seminars a year in-house and will also come to you.

We want to provide you and/or your maintenance crew with the knowledge to maintain your compressed air systems and keep you running efficiently.

For more information on maintaining your compressed air system, contact us by phone 800.582.5162, request more information, or make a request online.

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