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If you’re an average American, you produce 4.4. pounds of trash every single day, significantly more than the global average of 2.6 pounds. Adopt-A-Road is a volunteer program that provides a way to involve residents and businesses in caring for our highway roadsides. Through the program, volunteers pledge to keep specified/adopted roads free of litter at least twice a year, leading to a better, cleaner environment.

For the past three years, John Henry Foster (JHF) has been involved with this program. This spring, six employees; Matt Mensen, Will Hill, James Kirk, Bobbi Longley, Clark Oster and Larry Batterson – volunteered to clean up a designated portion of road near JHF.












Interesting moments surrounding the project;

  • The project cleanup took 40 minutes.
  • Volunteers were invited to leave work early because they showed up before work hours to help.
  • All the volunteers agreed that the best part of helping is working in a group and interacting with others you wouldn’t normally see. And it was nice to talk about other things rather than work.
  • One comment for future volunteers is to bring a second pair of shoes and socks because you never know what you might step in!
  • When asked why they got involved, volunteers all came back with similar answers including;
    • “Wanting to do something good for themselves”
    • “Making an impact in our community”
    • “Being part of something that would have a positive outcome on JHF”
    • and “Helping to clean the environment”

This is an easy, yet effective way to directly impact your community. Volunteers helped MnDOT realize an estimated $6 million benefit in 2017 ( and that number is expected to climb even more in 2018!


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