July 2010

John Henry Foster (JHF) is proud to have been awarded Xcel Energy’s “Exceptional Energy Efficiency” award in recognition of its environmental and energy efficiency achievements. JHF has a long history of successful energy conservation. Through the use of the “Efficient” ecosymbol, Xcel Energy recently recognized 17 customers and 9 trade partners for their substantial energy efficiency efforts, one of these customer being JHF. This public recognition of energy efficiency provides a visible award for often invisible efforts to help the environment by implementing and promoting energy-efficiency improvements. This award recognizes a select group of businesses who have achieved exceptional energy efficiency in 2009.

Energy Efficiency programs have been an important part of John Henry Foster’s initiative to help customers reduce energy and increase system efficiency. Our objective is to provide assistance in maximizing system performance, lowering operational costs and increasing system reliability by providing audits of the compressed air, vacuum and fluid cooling systems.

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