John Henry Foster becomes an annual partner with The Open Door

When things get tight financially, one of the first budget items to cut is food. There are over 40,000 Dakota County residents with incomes below the poverty level (2013, Dakota County) with 13,000 children struggling with hunger.

One of John Henry Foster’s passions is helping our community through supporting The Open Door’s mission of working to end local hunger through access to healthy food. By becoming an annual partner, we’re able to support The Open Door’s mission even more.

Over the last year The Open Door has developed an annual partnership program to allow their most ardent supporters to simplify their giving, while knowing they are supporting The Open Door’s clients and volunteers in a meaningful and consistent way.

Jan Hawkins, President and COO of John Henry Foster value’s the annual partnership program. “We elected to partner with the Open Door  as a way to make a difference in our local community.  The Open Door assists thousands of local individuals each month including working families who can’t make ends meet, single moms, seniors and the disabled.  In addition, they provide Family Advocacy and Community resource referrals that link families to social service agencies.  The Open Door Pantry is a fresh approach to ending local hunger through access to healthy food through donations and 200 community garden plots that assist families in growing the food their family needs.”

Around 1800 children receive food each month from The Open Door and with John Henry Foster’s help, we’re hoping to increase these numbers.

“Whether we donate money or time, giving back is beneficial – and not just for the recipients.  The old adage , “it’s better to give than to receive” is what we live by at  John Henry Foster.  We believe that if each one, reaches one, we can make a difference in our local community and around the world,” says Hawkins.

Employees appreciate the chance to use their gifts and reach out to the community. “To me, giving to the Open Door helps out those in our community who need help.  This could be helping with food, clothing, doing things for them that they can’t do themselves and even being someone for them to talk to.  I have been given a helping and caring heart by the Lord and feel by sharing it, others can see His light through me,” says Linda Halvorson, John Henry Foster’s Receptionist and HR Assistant.

Employees at John Henry Foster look forward to the next event coming in October, OctoberZest, which is an event to support The Open Door’s Mobile Pantry program. The Pantry helps provide fresh, nutritious food available for more than 1,000 children, seniors, and adults each month.

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