Another Adopt-A-Street Clean Up for John Henry Foster

Two years ago, employees at John Henry Foster adopted a road in Dakota County to keep it clean and garbage free throughout the year. Today, they signed an agreement to continue on for two more.

Employees are encouraged to volunteer time to clean up the street three times a year. Around six to seven employees spend 30 minutes of their morning cleaning up garbage. In doing so, per their supervisor’s approval, they earn themselves a ticket to leave work early that day.

(left to right) Kathy Ferguson, James Kirk, Taylor Young, Lucy Kessler, Bobbi Longley, Matt Mensen and Casey Donaldson (not pictured) employees of John Henry Foster spent a Friday morning cleaning up roads in Eagan.

Sometimes it’s not always about getting off work early. “It’s fun hanging out with different coworkers outside of the office,” said Bobbi Longley, JHF’s Credit Administrator. “I get to see more of their personalities.”

Lucy Kessler, JHF’s Accounts Payable Administrator, agreed. “The interaction and comradery with fellow employees was enjoyable.”

“Spending time with co-workers and doing something positive for the community really made this fun,” added Kathy Ferguson, Parts Administrator.

Casey Donaldson, Accounts Payable, chimed in, “It is always nice to connect with coworkers outside of work to develop a relationship that we can bring back into the workplace which created a better team environment overall.”

Something that surprised employees during the clean up? Things like:

  • How easy and effortless cleaning up the road was.
  • The amount of trash they picked up that was non-biodegradable (i.e. Styrofoam, plastic, etc.) Items that last thousands of years, whether on the side of the road or in a landfill.
  • How wet your feet can get (thank goodness for croc shoes)!

Employees are excited for the next clean up coming in spring. Interested in adopting your own street in Eagan? Contact the City today.

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