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The main component of the rotary screw air compressor is the compression chamber, commonly referred to as the airend. The airend contains gears and seals, as well as rotors which are supported by bearings, and the failure of any of these components can have a catastrophic effect.

You can maximize your investment by requesting a Bearing Test from JHF on your Rotary Screw Air Compressor. After scheduling your Bearing Test with one of our Service Coordinators, mention the lucky JHF hunting hat and we will send you the color of your choice.

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To help ensure reliability and optimal performance, JHF has incorporated two programs as an integral part of its service capabilities – airend monitoring and airend rebuilding.


The airend monitoring program consists of monitoring and tracking of the airend status. Our capabilities allow us to gauge the condition of the bearings and other critical components in order to predict failure. Predictive monitoring also allows us to analyze the condition of the airend to allow time for scheduled repair, drastically reducing turnaround time and lost productivity.


In the event of a failure, the airend rebuilding program offers quality and quick rebuild capabilities unmatched in the industry. Our rebuild can result in a 50% reduction in overall cost versus factory exchange or a new airend. During the rebuilding process, airends are completely disassembled with all seals, bearings and O-rings replaced. Repairing damaged rotors, rebuilding oil pumps, metalizing the shafts and other internal repairs are performed as necessary. All components are then reassembled, clearances are checked, and airends are spun to a final check.


Our factory-trained service technicians have over 100 years of combined service training and a proven track record of successfully performing over 1,000 rebuilds making us uniquely qualified to repair and recondition airend units.

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For more information regarding your rotary screw air compressor and how our airend monitoring and rebuild capabilities might benefit you, contact our Service Department at or 651.452.8452.

*Customers are responsible for the cost of a Bearing Test.

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