John Henry Foster (JHF), Eagan, Minnesota, is investing in its employees’ “Physical Well-Being” through a partnership with ADP Vitality Wellness starting May 1. ADP Vitality is a comprehensive, personalized and highly-engaged wellness program that brings together healthy information, education and tools to help participants live a healthier lifestyle.

ADP-Website Employees at JHF are encouraged to register online with ADP Vitality and complete a health risk assessment to help determine their health status and lifestyle habits and establish goals for improvement. To earn valuable points for every activity completed and goal achieved, employees will need to engage in healthy activities. The more they are involved in becoming healthier the more their points add up and status increases from Blue to Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum.

For simply signing up, employees are automatically awarded ten points. Their name also goes in a drawing for a few chances at winning $25 cash. If they take the time to schedule their preventative care appointment, which is 100% covered by JHF’s insurance provider, they can earn up to 5000 points. (Employees are each given an hour of comp time to visit their doctor for preventative care.)

“We want employees to know we are serious about their health and passionate about their physical well-being at JHF,” explained Jan Hawkins, JHF’s VP of Operations. “We catch colds and the flu, but we DEVELOP diseases – many diseases are linked to poor diet and lack of exercise.  I’ve read that 80% of heart disease, 95% of type II diabetes and 66% of cancer is preventable!  It’s much easier to maintain or achieve good health than it is to get well after you’re already sick.”

The facts are startling and JHF wants to have a part in changing those numbers.

According to The Vitality Group, “More than 60% of American adults spend nearly half their waking hours on the job, and in excess of 61% receive their health insurance through their employers. These facts alone identify the workplace as an ideal environment for health improvement programs.”

JHF has been offering several health and wellness contests and initiatives throughout the year. This past November employees decided how they wanted to get healthy. They had a month to run a 5k, lose 10 pounds or could work out four times a week for 30 minutes. For extra points, employees could take a selfie of themselves participating in a healthy activity or they could complete an entire month of 30 healthy activities. Winners were awarded with a half day off work, $50 gift cards and $25 gift cards.


Bobbi Longley, JHF’s Credit Administrator, walked her very first 5K! Go, Bobbi!!!


Christie Koester, JHF’s Marketing and Communications Manager, ran a 5K Turkey Trot and made a bunch of new friends along the way!


In March through April, employees were encouraged to drink more water since water is the single most important nutrient for the human body. Those employees who signed up received a cool water bottle and JHF invested in a high-quality purified water cooler. If employees drank their body weight divided by two in ounces for 31 days, their name ended up in a drawing for gift cards. Two employees ended up losing a combined total of 50 pounds during the contest. Several noticed less body aches and headaches.


All employees who chose to participate in the H2O & You Contest received a John Henry Foster water bottle so they could drink enough water every day for 31 days!


The Affordable Care Act has changed the healthcare landscape in many ways. One exciting development has been the evolution of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). By selecting an ACO, the employee and his/her family agrees to receive care through a specific network of coordinated providers. The Bloom Health approach makes this model possible.

“In advance of choosing My Plan by Medica™, the company was looking at a 30 percent rate increase in health costs — a significant increase over prior years. In our view, the defined contribution private exchange model allowed us to maintain healthcare, while at the same time offering the employees increased choice. Retention of employees is very important to us, and benefits are one of the key elements,” said Hawkins. “When JHF added an ACO option to the exchange, many of their employees chose to participate and are now enjoying lower monthly premiums and setting pretax dollars aside to cover medical expenses with higher deductible HSA plans.”

Get Educated. Get Healthy. Get Rewarded. That’s ADP Vitality’s motto and JHF is on board and looks forward to the results.

JHF serves clients as a compressed air systems and fluid power distributor in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and northern Iowa. We are known for providing mobile service, air compressor maintenance, air system audits and design of electro-pneumatic and compressed air flow controls. Educational training and air system seminars are also offered.

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