John Henry Foster (JHF) participated in The Works Robot Day on Saturday, April 12 and appeared on WCCO. Over 1000 kids ages 5-12 years old attended this fun Robotic event and lined up to try to grab candy from our candy-grabbing actuator. The display is made with an IAI America electric actuator and enclosed in 80/20 Aluminum Framing.


Mark Augustin, Matt Mensen and Jon Meis – John Henry Foster’s Pneumatic Team – made an appearance on WCCO for their awesome electronic actuator.


“The best part of the day was watching the kids show interest in what makes the machines do what they were doing. Along with having fun learning,” said Meis.

photo 5a

Mensen demonstrates how the “candy-grabbing” actuator robot works.

“It was very interesting seeing how the kids reacted to the machine. Some had a few questions but they were all amazed by how it works or that they got skittles. There were a few kids that knew a few things about how it works which was nice to see,” concluded Mensen.

WCCO stopped over to check out the “candy-grabbing” robot made by JHF and to get an action clip of a child trying to snag some candy.

The Works Museum is a hands-on engineering museum for kids where they can explore how things work. The Robot Day event at The Works Museum is for families to see demos from robotics experts, meet and interact with robots from a variety of businesses and student teams and experiment with Lego WeDo.

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