For the last 35 years, Tapeswitch has been a major player in the development and design of sensors for safety applications providing a full spectrum of sensing and signaling products for protection, detection, and safety.  They currently have the widest range of safety mat, sensing edge, and sensing bumper products available anywhere in the marketplace.

Switch Products

A diverse selection of products including ribbon switches, touchpads, foot and hand switches, tactile remote switches, vehicle sensing products, and innovative custom designs.


Safety & Signaling Mats

The broadest range of standard and custom-designed pressure-sensitive mats available.  Serving industrial, commercial, transportation and specialty applications for over fifty years.


Sensing Edges

Collision and contact protection with a compact, compliant surface.  Choice of profile, sensitivity, and over-travel characteristics.


Light Curtains & Laser Scanner

Light curtains that meet the most rigorous international safety standards.  Custom versions available for harsh environmentsLaser scanner is compact, lightweight and provides full area coverage over a wide zone.


Contact one of our fluid power specialists today to request information on the latest safety products or to get more information on Tapeswitch at or 651.681.5738.

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