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Still Be Safe?

Serious workplace injuries are far too common. In 2015, 4,836 workers were killed on the job*. There was also around 3.0 workplace incidents recorded per 100 employees in 2015.

Electrical Control Panels are designed to help with the prevention of some of these incidents, simplify processes and increase workplace safety. Learn how our electrical control panels may control your applications while keeping your employees and work space safe.

Curious what the Top 10 most frequently sited OSHA standards violated in 2016 were and if you might be at risk?


Top 10 Work Place Hazards

As reported by the US Department of Labor, the Top 10 most frequently sited OSHA standards violated in 2016 (Oct. 1, 2015 through Sept. 30, 2016) include:

1. Fall protection
2. Hazard communication standard
3. Scaffolding, general requirements
4. Respiratory protection
5. Powered industrial trucks
6. Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout)
7. Ladders
8. Electrical, wiring methods, components and equipment
9. Machinery and machine guarding
10. Electrical systems design, general requirements

Electrical Control Panels Improve Prevention

Safety components are just one element of the benefits electrical control panels provide. Below are some ways electrical panels can support prevention in the workplace.

• Two hand anti-tie downs keep employees out of the work area
• Prevent employees from get into pinch points
• Light curtains, safety mats and area sensors safely stop equipment
• Safety PLC’s and safety-related drives monitor themselves for failure modes
• Safe torque off, safe operating stop and safely limited speed functions operate motors safely
• Redundant electronics maintain a safe work environment
• Control motion force and speed more accurately than pneumatics

* []

What you can do to ensure your applications are safe and providing a safer workplace

We see common hazards when it comes to unsafe applications in today’s workplace.

Just one element to our electrical control panels is safety. Not only do we pursue and demand excellence in this area, but being an industry leader in electrical panel design allows us to utilize our pneumatic and electrical safety components and troubleshoot ways we can help our customers prevent injuries, simplify processes and work on workplace safety prevention.

Download our catalog of safety products that are available for assembly or to order one item ready to install, under one purchase order or in addition with an electronic control panel – meant to help you focus your efforts on improving labor productivity, reducing labor costs, improving product quality and creating a safer work environment.


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