The Importance of Machine Guarding in the Workplace

JHF is proud to announce our new Safety Product line. We have partnered with proven vendors whose strengths are in design and manufacturing of safety products for the industrial automation market.

When working with machinery, it is imperative employers must continue to provide the most up-to-date safety equipment and tools when it comes to machine guarding. In addition to properly maintaining the equipment, it is also important to know your responsibility regarding how to provide a safe work environment for all your employees. Moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries. Using safeguards will ensure the safety of your employees and allow your workplace to remain OSHA compliant.

Many companies have adopted three basic practices when it comes to safety in the workplace:

  1. Safeguard the point of operation – the point of operation must be guarded to protect the operator from injury – OSHA 1910.212
  2. All operators of production equipment must be properly trained on the equipment they will be working on.
  3. Indoctrinate and apply best safety practices for all employees at all times.


JHF distributes a wide variety of manufacturing safety sensors and signaling products for protection, detection and safety. We work with proven top vendors in the business whose strengths are in design and manufacturing of safety products for the industrial automation market. Manufacturers represented include:

  • 80/20: Guarding, enclosures and workstations
  • Air-mite: Pneumatic and electric two hand no-tie-down controls
  • Foster Manufacturing: Safety quick couplers
  • Mead/Bimba: Pneumatic two-hand no-tie-down controls, lock-out valves
  • Numatics: Lock-out valves, power isolation bases
  • Tapeswitch: Sensing edges and bumpers, light curtains, safety and signal mats, safety interlocks
  • Ross Controls: Safety valves
  • Renco Inc.: Pneumatic and electric two-hand no-tie-down controls

In addition to manufacturing safety sensors, John Henry Foster provides value-added services and design for your pneumatic automation products to allow you to order one item ready to install, under one purchase order in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

For more details and ordering information for John Henry Foster manufacturing safety sensors, contact us at 800.452.8452, request more information or place an order online.

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