The Difference Between Genuine and Generic Compressor Parts Goes Beyond Price…It’s Called Quality

JHF is your trusted single source for all your genuine air compressor maintenance parts and service needs including filters, lubricants and separators for most brands of compressed air equipment.

We manage a large inventory of stocked air compressor maintenance parts and handle purchasing of specific-non-stock items to meet our client’s needs. In addition to stocking the brands for which we are an authorized distributor, we also stock parts for other major brands.

Compressor Parts and Preventative Maintenance

You’ve made a substantial investment in your compressed air system. Protect that investment by using only genuine manufacturer parts. Our inventory is one of the largest in the Midwest and we support major manufacturers of air compressor systems and related parts such as Gardner Denver, Quincy, Nano and Zeks. We specialize in fulfilling parts requests for both OEM and generic branded compressor parts and are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and most up-to-date supply of common as well as hard-to-find compressor parts on the market today.

A smart strategy for reducing costly downtime is performing regularly scheduled maintenance on air compressors and related equipment. Read more on how following a properly scheduled maintenance is crucial to maintaining not only performance and efficiency, but also maximizing the life expectancy of your compressed air system equipment.

John Henry Foster carries a complete line of genuine replacement compressor and preventative maintenance parts and lubricants for the compressed air products we support. A representative sample includes:

OEM Parts

• Genuine Gardner Denver compressor & blower parts
• Genuine Quincy vacuum pump parts
• Genuine Kobelco oil-free compressor parts
• Genuine Ingersoll Rand centrifugal parts
• Genuine Zeks compressed air dryer/filter parts

Preventative Maintenance

• Inlet Filters
• Oil
• Oil Filters
• Air/Oil Separators
• Inline Filter Element Replacement

Insisting on Genuine OEM Parts will Increase Performance and Extend the Operating Life of your Air Compressor


Pleated design greatly increases air filter surface area
• Reduced pressure drop
• Filter efficiency of over 97%

Rugged metal reinforcing of element
• Insure leak-free operation
• Reduce the possibility of puncture or collapse



Proprietary filter media designed for air compressors
• Reduced pressure drop
• 99.999% efficiency to 0.3 micron
• Extends separator useful life

Rugged metal reinforcing of element
• Reduce the possibility of puncture or collapse

Designed to eliminate static electricity build up
• Reduce the risk of fire internally



Formulated specifically for rotary screw air compressors
• Superior lubrication
• Up to 12,000 hour operational life
• High resistance to varnish

Extensive field testing
• Lubricants tested in thousands of air compressors

Formulated for increased lubricant stability
• Lower pour point
• Extends separator useful life


Would you like to be reminded of upcoming maintenance for your equipment?  Contact us today and we can put together a parts list and air compressor maintenance checklist program kit for you!

Email our Compressor Parts Department or you can also call us at  800.582.5162.

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