John Henry Foster hosts many events within our facilities, as well as, attends many events outside of the John Henry Foster facilities. The events we host in-house are dedicated to customers like you! To ensure that you receive updates on products, new knowledge on how your systems can benefit your business, and the resources to maintain your applications so you aren’t the victim of costly downtime.

John Henry Foster attends outside events. These events further help us develop relationships with our customers, give them more opportunities for education on their products, give an opportunity to answer our customers questions, and give us the opportunity to showcase products that our customers don’t have and may be interested in trying out in a hands-on-manner.

Below you can find expos and career fairs we are attending and training sessions held within the building. Our specialists who attend these expos are ready to answer questions you may have on our product offerings. We may also have products like our TM Robots along with us that you can try out on the spot to test out their capabilities. Our in-house trainings can give you tips and shortcuts for the products that you currently use. They can also give you an opportunity to troubleshoot existing problems you are having in your system.

Explore the events below to find out more.

Sorry, there is no upcomming events.