John Henry Foster’s Employees Celebrate Second Annual Family Picnic

Employees in the 5-state area come together to play Bingo, corn hole and have great conversation

(Eagan, Minnesota) Employees at John Henry Foster gathered at Lebanon Hills Park to enjoy an afternoon of family fun for the second annual picnic.









The picnic kicked off with a delicious lunch of burgers, brats and dogs grilled by Matt Mensen, John Henry Foster’s Automation Specialist and Grill Master, and Chris Bjerke, JHF’s Service Manager.

Soon kids were playing on the playground, adventuring out on the trails around Jensen Lake and then were challenged to a game of scavenger hunt BINGO where they scored prizes along the way.











They also started lining up for face painting. With the weather being as hot and humid as it was, many opted to have their arms painted. (Good thinking, mom!)









Just for attending the picnic, employees received a cool Robotics’ shirt highlighting John Henry Foster’s latest product line and upcoming Robotics & Automation Industrial Expo on October 12.

Things really heated up when a competitive game of Bingo started for the ‘bigger’ kids. Employees had the chance at winning gift cards to Chipotle – a local lunch favorite among several.









After the kids took their swing at the spry minion pinata – only to find the greatest treasure of all time – a handful of colorful candies, adults lined up to show off their Corn Hole skills.

“I loved having the chance to meet coworkers’ families and spend social time with coworkers outside of work – it helps gain a different perspective of the folks we spend most of our days with,” says Tonia Coubal, JHF’s MSC Service Billing Administrator. “I love gatherings and get-togethers of all kinds! Spending time outside of work helps foster a more positive healthy work environment and work relationship.”

Overall, a wonderful time was had by all and employees are looking forward to the next employee gathering.








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