Company Culture Supports Health and Wellness

Bobbi Longley, long-time Credit Administrator for John Henry Foster (Eagan, Minnesota), heard about the Lose a Turkey Health and Fitness Challenge her company was promoting and signed on right away.


“My goal was to win! Really. That’s all I wanted,” said Longley.

Instead, through the monthly wellness trainings, being part of the wellness committee and working with Dakota County’s Ship4 Program, Longley started to make changes that were paying off.

What kind of changes?

“I’m more aware of mixing a protein with a whole grain/carb for my snacks throughout the day. I also find myself substituting more real food instead of something that comes in a package. For example, I’ll have a real baked potato and not the Au Gratin Potatoes in a box.

Longley also smiled. “McDonalds doesn’t know who I am anymore.” Longley went from a two to three time McDonalds’ run a week to maybe once a month. “I look at it more as a treat these days.”

Longley might not have won the Lose a Turkey Challenge but she learned healthier habits that she’s incorporating into her daily life. “I appreciate that this company supports health because it shows me that they care about me as a person. I’m not just a number. Everyone encounters some type of health issue during their lifetime and it’s nice to know that the company I work for cares about me, my health and well-being.”

Employees look forward to the Frosty Challenge starting December 5. The goal is to maintain, not gain during the holidays!


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