We See This Situation Every Summer with Compressed Air Systems


A major concrete manufacturer contacted John Henry Foster (JHF) to look into assessing their compressed air system after they noticed water had been accumulating. The facility cannot risk moisture getting into their product or it will become unusable.









Kryptonite to Superman is like heat to your compressed air equipment – both can have detrimental effects. Summer humidity and excessive heat generated in the compressor rooms can become an enemy leading to equipment failure and unexpected shutdowns. This issue ultimately led to the shutdown of one of their production lines, resulting in lost revenue. In addition to heat, clogged filters can negatively affect the efficiency of a compressor causing them to work harder generating even more heat. It is extremely important to keep your system properly maintained or you run the risk of other equipment failures running off the same system such as dryers, coolers, filters and drains. Early detection can help ward off costly expenses before they become a much larger issue.


After a thorough review of the customer’s production system, JHF determined the root cause of the unwanted moisture was due to the dryer. This dryer was too small to handle the current load and it was working overtime due to a bad filter. Our recommendations included matching the correct dryer to the type of production level necessary, suggesting efficiency rebates from their local power company to offset costs, and suggesting JHF’s annual Service Protection Plan to ensure maintenance is conducted on equipment according to hours run and machine requirements. Taking the time to assess your compressed air system will help eliminate temperature swings, equipment downtime, and keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

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