Custom Fluid Power and Pnematics Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Custom fluid power solutions are designed to meet the demands of changing markets and are established for customers whose project requirements cannot be met by the off-the-shelf products of most manufacturers. Our goal is to match customer demand with sound solutions to improve their performance and efficiency needs.

Representative Applications for Custom Fluid Power Solutions

Spline Cylinder For a labeling application, a printer needed to extend a part with very little rotation in a tight space. It was modified from its original line construction and included a spline within the cylinder to keep it from rotating. The cylinder achieved rotational tolerance of only +/- 1/2° and kept the customer from having to use a bulkier linear thruster.

Rate Control Actuator A food service company needed a cylinder to provide rate control on a spring-loaded cover. A unique rate control actuator was developed to deliver smooth, consistent velocity control. This fluid-filled cylinder was designed to provide free flow in one direction and controlled flow in the opposite, or controlled flow in both directions.

CASE STUDY – Air-Driven Adjustable Double-Finger Toggle Clamp

A window frame manufacturer needed a way to hold multiple boards, in a fastening application, without using multiple manual toggle clamps.

The solution was to utilize an air cylinder to provide “1-stop locking”. Upon actuation, the cylinder rotates the clamping fingers into position. When pressure is released, a spring returns the fingers to the home position. This design gave the customer the ability to vary the locking force by simply adjusting air pressure. And, by using a rack and pinion design from a traditional rotary actuator, the clamping fingers can rotate over 90 degrees. This allows it to fully release away from the assembled frame via a spring returning design.

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