Creating a Healthier Work Culture

Featured ‘Healthier’ Employee:

Matt Mensen

John Henry Foster’s newly formed Wellness Committee has partnered with Dakota County’s Ship4 Program (which stands for Statewide Health and Improvesaladment Program) and HealthSource Solutions. The goal of Ship4 is to create a culture of health and wellness at the workplace that’s sustainable for years to come.

Over the course of a year and a half we work with the county to implement a well-designed workplace wellness initiative that offers organizational structure and a physical environment that supports employee health and encourages positive lifestyle behaviors such as adequate physical activity, healthful eating, reduced tobacco use and exposure and support for nursing moms.

As a company we selected the focus area of Healthy Eating.

Our first step with the help of Ship4, was to work together as a team to create a Workplace Wellness Vision Statement and Logo. The vision statement provides focus and consistent direction for our goals and strategies as we commit time to this new Wellness Program.

Our new wellness vision statement:  

John Henry Foster supports a culture of wellness by developing awareness and understanding, creating initiatives, encouraging participation and maintaining a lifestyle of healthier living that goes beyond the workplace. 


Employees were invited to our first 6-week wellness challenge: Lose a Turkey by Thanksgiving. Participants were asked to share their personal health and fitness goals for the six weeks and check in weekly to a group email to help hold them accountable. The focus of the challenge group was to incorporate more fitness, nutrition, water and sleep into their daily lives.

This week’s featured challenger is Matt Mensen. Matt is one of our automation specialist and has a goal of losing 10-15 pounds, drinking more water and less pop and eat at least two salads a week for lunch versus his normal pizza bites.

 “I’m doing this to feel better. I haven’t lost as much as I hoped but I have noticed in the mornings, I have more energy!”

 So far so good for Matt!

What is a current health and fitness goal you have for yourself in November?

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